Sunday, June 26, 2011

a few quick thoughts

  1. Law is a system of rules and guidelines, enforced through a set of institutions. Ok, so it is stupid when they say the seatbelt law is now being enforced. "Yeah, yeah, the law has always been there, but now we are seriously going to pay attention. Seriously". Sucks for you. Also, Polygamy. It is agaisnt the law. But, I know cops who know exactly where they live and practice and just don't care. I just think it is dumb, if you aren't going to enforce a law, don't make one.
  2. In connection with that - ILLEGAL immigrants. ILLEGAL. ILLEGAL!!! What doesn't everyone get about that word?? Illegal, like drugs, murder, running a red light. Everyone gets punished for those things, but, nah, we won't enforce with this illegal immigrant thing. Some say, "but it stimilates the economy", blah blah, try to point out positives. Quite frankly, murder had its perks too. There are some people the world is much better off without. Drugs? Hell, I don't mind if I do! You could argue pros and cons until you are red in the face. Bottom line - ILLEGAL.
  3. And finally, Snoop Dogg.

Pigtail braids? Diamond hoop earrings. He is 40. Ugly. Sweat suits. Loooooooong face. Smokes like a chimney. Drugs galore. Wife & kids. Fo shizzle my nizzle. I think the pictures say it all.

Thats all.

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Carly said...


i never got why pigtail braids were so gangsta either. like the annoying kid Roger from sister sister when he grew up (maybe now still)