Wednesday, May 16, 2012

new house + Siri

The story:  We have been right on the borderline of being able to purchase and with Benj's new job, we had just enough boost to start looking. We of course wanted a house with yard/garage, etc, but after much consideration, we looked at mostly condos in Eagle Mountain. We had a realtor and were plugging along and he just didn't have the gusto we wanted, so we found someone else thru a friend. Within 3 days we were out looking at newer/different ones. On kind of a whim, we stopped at one in Saratoga Springs. It is still under construction (which makes me SOOOOOO happy that no one has lived in it = clean!!!!!!).  Anyway, it was on the second floor which we really didn't want, but after seeing it we absolutely loved it! And it has a garage! Thne everything just fell into place. We decided to put in an offer (it WASN'T a short sale, which was nice, and rare) and within like 2 hours they accepted (on a Saturday)! We will close on June 15 at the latest! I am so happy to have a new fresh start and PAINT and decorate!! I can't even stand it! Here are some pics:

The Office
Love the doors and door knobs!
Walk in master closet

Master bath

Peep window from kitchen to front door. My dad really likes the fire alarm.

Benj on the balcony!

It doesn't have carpet so we got to choose which one (out of the 5-6 they have), this is what we chose.

Max's room closet

Love the door frames. They remind me of Terris for some reason.

Already has great light fixtures. No more 1980 brass!!

The kitchen is gorgeous. Love the cabinet colors and stainless steel!

spacious pantry
We asked for a fridge in the offer and they are providing a matching one.

Big front room (Benj = pondering)
Cute architecture on the porch

2nd bath
I like the window panes, how they are triple on top and open on bottom.

It could have had these door knobs and a dishwasher and I'd be sold.

I am so excited! I am just overloarding myself with pinterest decor ideas and organizing ideas. I've worked myself into an Ativan actually.

My conversation with Siri a few days ago: She kept popping up uninvited so I said "why does Siri keep popping up"to Benj, and of course she was up and heard me.....
Siri: "I can't answer that, but I could search the web for you, if you'd like."
Me: "screw you!"
Siri: "Ask nice, now"
Me: "Did you really just get bitchy with me?"
Siri: "Hmm, is that so?"
Me: "I'd like to bitch slap you"
Siri: "I'll pretend I didn't hear that"
Me: "Ok, we are fighting"
Siri: "Now, now"
Me: "I hope you have your period in a shark tank"
Siri: "Sorry, I don't understand 'I hope you have your period in a shark tank'. Search the web?"
Me: "You suck"
Siri: "I don't really like these arbitrary categories, Sarah"
Me: "DO NOT say my name at the end of things!"
Siri: "Why not, Sarah?"

Oh my hell I was so pissed off. Damn technology.