Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well I have been holding off 'posting' trying to think of something clever, and I am sorry to say folks, but I got nothin.

We did go to the Draper Temple openhouse tonight with Benj's Dad, Tamie, his bro Wesley, his sister Brandy and her two kids. The temple is beautiful, I absolutely love the ceilings in the celestial room!!! Although I must say, sitting in the car on the way home, 3 teenagers in the backseat running their mouths and fighting over anything and everything (who needs birth control?), my, uh-hem, loud sister in law Brandy next to me yapping away about something on her Blackberry, parents in the front seat also trying to carry on a conversation, combined with just having gotten off a tour bus winding (seriously, winding) through the suburbs of some high class Draper estates, I wanted to throw up. And not just a half hearted gag. A full on comes up from the tip of your toes, makes you pee a little puke. Badly. Needless to say, I got home, took off all my clothes and sat naked watching "What Not To Wear" for two hours before I could even get up enough gumption to fold some laundry. I am so thankful for eternal families!! ( Really, I am!)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

All I have to say for today is there is nothing worse than a naked cornhole.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Well it's a typical weekend: Benj is working at Home Depot, I am home watching TLC (my fav!).

I just got home from my Grandma Gloria's 80th birthday party! Wow, she's old! We talked about memories we all have of her; it was really fun to remember all the fun memories from when we were little! I played ping-pong with Owen (he calls it 'baseball') and he is actually pretty good!

He is such a cute kid. Last night Benj and I watched Anna and Owen while Em and T went out
(to some "hound association event", whatever the hell that means). The kids are both soooo dang cute! Anna has such a beautiful smile and Owen is just addictive! We love watching them. They almost make us want to have a little one of our own - almost!