Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Capturing Big Horn

 My parents property is gorgeous. Not only that but they have gone above and beyond to make it nice for us and for the grandkids. We all love going and enjoying the beauty, relaxing, exploring. When we were there this weekend I wanted to catch a few snapshots of the cuteness my mom has created. Everywhere you look there is some cute knick-nack, decoration, surprise. I love it!

Here is the 3 man ladder, freshly installed by Benj this weekend. The kids love it! It is a perfect grassy area for a picnic or a hut :)

Grandma had the kids painting bumble bee and ladybug rocks for a tic-tac-toe game (thank you pinterest!)

The trail up to the main hut (complete with walls, windows, seating, kitchen, and a thousand little treasures!)
Hot dogs - tin foil dinners - smores anyone?

A place to chill

A good example of the little things. A discreet little pot with a collection of heart shaped rocks

A secret birdhouse made out of a stump

The main camp area

Another sitting area

This is in the kids area by the swings. It is a "kids only!" bench. Notice the woodpecker thing in the background.

We found this old rod-iron bed and made a bridge out of it
Secret trail to kids hut # 2

Beautiful trails everywhere! So many places to ride - after 10 years I don' think i've even been on all the trails!

A herd of turkey and a deer - if you look close
Darling toadstools my mom made. Cute signs. Kids swings. 

Freaking amazing sunset. Seriously. 


There are 2 ponds at Big Horn that are overflowing with frogs! We caught some this weekend.

One of the frog ponds

Benj and I saw a herd of over 50 Elk cross the road in front of us - it was way cool! By the time I got my camera out and shuffled around they were far away. If you look close and get a magnifying glass and squint you can see some. 

These guys are always by our camp hanging out :)
We love Big Horn! Thanks Marnee and Papa for all the fun times! I know Max loves it for sure!