Monday, October 31, 2011


I was soooo excited for Halloween this year, until Friday. Panic set in. I hadn't really prepared a costume. I wanted for Max to have fun so bad. I was planning on going to the Legacy Center party and couldn't bring myself to do it. I was going to do trunk-or-treat the next day and couldn't do it. Anxiety. There is a "Halloween House" in AF I wanted to go take him to. HeeHaw farms. Nothing. I just broke right down. Thankfully he has an amazing babysitter who took him with her to the kids school parade, so he got a little taste of the holiday. I got home tonight and built up some energy and dressed him up. At first he wasn't having the hat part so I told him he could never ever play with Anna again if he took it off. He said "ok" and left it on the rest of the night (Call me a mean mom). I took him to Em's and attempted door to door trick or treating. He pretty much just ran around behind the big kids and eventually found a play slide in someones yard and stayed there. He didn't get the candy thing. We would knock on a door and he'd try to hand the people something out of his bag. Whatever. {My mom made the costume for my BROTHERS like 40 years ago, then Owen wore it when he was little - purty cute huh?}
isn't he cute?!

he got a dum-dum and that was all he wanted....

waiting for Oliva at my mom's gate.....

another sucker

He has a serious love/hate relationship with Miss Kitty. One minute he is body slamming her, the next, kissing her.

Getting pissed about the hat

annnnnd, he's done with it.
It all turned out just freaking fine. Benj was right when he said to take an Ativan and calm the hell down about it. Kinda glad it is over.....

the damn deer hunt

It has taken so damn long to upload these pictures for some unknown reason, at this point I am way over the deer hunt. Let me try to muster up some excitement....

Ok... So Benj got a deer. Proud of him, but hate it. Hate deer meat, hate carcass hanging in the shop, hate boiling the freaking skull. Hate paying $$ to get it processed when we won't eat it. Hate.
Other than that, it was fun to camp and hang out. Max was a little sketchy at first, but ended up liking it. There are a thousand pictures and I am not going to even edit or comment on them in a fashion that I normally would. I just don't care.

2 funny stories though:
Some people we were with brought horses. Benj had already gotten his deer, so he was at camp alone one day. He wasn't asleep all damn day like any other normal person would be, so in his mind he thought it was a great idea to "saddle up" one of the extra horses. Mind you, he has never owned horses, probably only ridden a few times. He is smart enough, though. So he went and got the horse and led her over to the 4-wheeler trailer (easy access). He "saddled" her up and went to get on. She got a little skittish, and the saddle wasn't tight (since he DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING) and it slipped down under, with Benj, and then she stepped on his leg. I'm just picturing this, laughing my ass off. He serisouly kind of got hurt. Turns out, the horses name was Crazy Betty. Haha.

Soooo...we aren't hikers. Clearly. Benj is so flipping lucky, all 3 deer he has gotten have been like 20 yards away from his damn 4-wheeler. Anyway, so the boys go out opening morning. Benj's dad made them get off the wheelers and hike. Of course, Benj is pissed off. It's freaking 6AM, which is annoying anyway, and now they are freaking hiking. So they start up. About 3 minutes into it Benj is ripping off clothes cause he is hot. At one point he took off his gear and stashed it behind a tree. Dripping sweat, legs burning, ticked off. They get to the "halfway" point and his dad says that was the worst of it. The rest a minute and off they go again. No shit, they were full on scaling the mountain. All 4's - that's right, it was that steep. He didn't say it but I think Benj all but took his shirt OFF. Like rock climbing. He was so pissed. By the time they got to the top, he is screaming at his dad "MY ASS that was the hardest part!!" Then the rest of the day he pretty much tried to sleep on the ground and couldn't; rock in his back, hot, cold, noise, hungry, etc. He ended up just freaking going back to camp. It wasn't that specific drive home, but one drive home he just "stumbled" upon a buck....

Me and Max just came up during the days and played. I brought chalk and we colored on rocks and logs (I liked it more than anyone.....) but we had fun. We made breadsticks on the fire, roasted lil smokies & s'mores, and went on 4-wheeler rides (me and Benj went on a 100 mile ride on the damn RESERVE tank. Yeah, we are smart like that. I told him had we run out and I had to hike home, I's just take my pants off so my white ass was showing, take all my orange off and lay down in the weeds to get shot.)

I was so pissed when I drove up and saw this.

Aren't they cute?!


My awesome log.

He played in Wesleys truck for a good solid hour. Loves trucks!!

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my favorite pic!