Sunday, September 13, 2009

Petrified Wood

So I used to use 'petrified wood' as an example of something I felt 'neutral' about. I have now decided that I am no longer neutral toward it, I do not like it. I am currently searching for something to replace this for my example of neutralness. It is hard to think of something you feel neutral about, most things that come to mind right off the bat are things I don't like, then if I think harder, I think of things I like, but try thinking of something you don't really like or dislike, it's just there. Harder than you thought, eh?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Turnip/Large Bell Pepper

So I am 17 weeks and 6 days, this is the appx size of the little man.
Wierd. Who references 'turnips'?

Bell Pepper - 18 weeks

Turnip - 17 weeks (this particular picture is a 'healthy' size...)

Disclaimer: This is not the appx size of my freaking belly..! Looks more like a swallowed 4 turnips and a small cat whole!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bubbling Pot

So i got this video to work, but not the Old Faithful one.

Enjoy the gurgling.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yellowstone/Jackson Hole Trip

So we left last Friday with my parents and left for Ennis, MO. We drove thru Idaho Falls and Rexburg and got good shots of both temples. We stayed in a cute little cabin of our own, drove around looking for animals, laughed, and ate. We saw a ton ton ton of deer that first night, too many for it to even be cool anymore. We saw a few flocks of geese that were kinda cool, but it was too dark to get pics. AND I hate birds. We had our own little cabin and our own room and even our own bed! It was great, clean and very nice. (I expect nothing less from my mother.) So we went to Yellowstone Saturday and Sunday, drove our butts off looking for wildlife & gysers. It was a ton a driving, but a lot of fun. We actually saw more wildlife outside the park than we saw inside. We went to Jackson Hole, WY Sunday night and stayed in a cute little lodge overlooking the river. Trust my dad to always eat well on vacations, we had great food every meal! (Max says 'thanks papa'!) We listened to Jerry Seinfeld and Larry the Cable Guy and laughed and laughed. It was great.

Cute baby stuff from trip from Marnee and Papa!

Idaho Falls Temple

Rexburg Temple

Buck - Ennis, MO

Bald Eagle, Ennis, MO

Cool Rock Gyser thing, Yellowstone

Daddy Buffalo, slowly trucking down the road. Stopped to itch his leg. Look how dang close he was!! We could have touched him!

Hot Spring


Good waterfall


Buffalo on side of road. They are so mellow it is funny. Problably aren't too funny when they are rawled up. In fact one of the handouts we got said people get 'gored' if they agrivate them too much. 'Gore' was a dramatic choice or word I thought, but hell, i guess it really is that bad.

In Yellowstone
Welcome to Yellowstone arch

Big Horn Sheep - not in the 'big horn' stage yet...

Our bedroom!

Our very own cabin in Ennis, MO!
Cool store in Ennis, MO

Earthquake Lake (caused by a big earthquake back in the day)

Elk Herd

Benj's favortie part of the trip! Look how close he got!

Madison River

Pretty Waterfall

Mommy Elk, really close (like this picture? courtesy of Benj no wanting to get out of the car. He could have RIDDEN the damn thing! but NO! No horns, not interested.)

2 Mama & baby elk


Water/gyser thing

Old Faithful Lodge - built in 1905 ish, still all original

Old Faithful Lodge

Paint Pots near Yellowstone lake

Unknown waterfall, pretty though

Sunset, Teton Mts

There is a daddy moose laying down, can you see it?!

Mama Moose Walking
Lodge in Jackson Hole

Lodge in Jackson Hole

view from our cute lodge in Jackson Hole
Marnee and Papa under the famous antler arch!

And the grand finale, the animal of them all!......

My swollen ankles and feet!!! This sums up how my preg body felt about walking with constant charlie horses! Sucked!!! They look like freaking walruses!

Well, I had a few more videos but I can't get them on here for some reason and the hubby isn't home, so this is all for now!

Thanks mom and dad for an awesome trip! Probably our last for a long long time!!