Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Bachelor - episode 1

First of all, every time I hear the name "Juan Pablo" I want to throw up {enchiladas} in my mouth.  I hate his name - can he not just pick Juan or Pablo - or GARY or BILL - or something normal? He is cute,  I'll give him that. At least they didn't chose another Ben.
Juan Pablo says he wants to find someone who is a good example for his daughter. I hate to break it to him, but the Bachelor Mansion is *probably* not the best place to find that.... I like Sean. I like that the producers are making Juan Pablo take english lessons, his accent is as thick as my thighs (and ultimately causes a problem later in the rose ceremony). They do the obligatory "bachelor-running-shirtless-lifting-weights-etc clip that we can all do without, and throw in a shower scene, which was very unnecessary. I think it is cute that his fam and daughter are staying in LA about it. I thought it was cute to do a Photo Booth and a dance party. I hate that the cement is always wet. 

So I watched the desperate Sunday night pre-show and the first episode and I'm having a hard time getting my groove back (damn ECT), so here goes my first extremely judgmental post of the girls.

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