Saturday, October 6, 2012

Max's surgery week!

So as you know, Max had his tonsils and adenoids out this week. Routine surgery, yes? Lots of people have it. The only reason he had to stay overnight was because it is protocol for patients under 3. Well it's been a damn rollercoaster. We were there three days. He spiked a fever and got super dehydrated and had to stay. I am kind of glad we were at the hospital when it happened though, it would have been scary. I took literally like 300 picutres (#1 it was a semi-big deal, #2 we were there forever and I was bored #3 I kind of want to be a photographer). Sooo here is the story. Mostly for documenting purposes. 
He was ready to leave the minute we walked in. He stood there until they called us back.
They have a cool child occupational therapist, who got almost annoying toward the 3rd day, who brought in toys, games, etc to distract him. Having fun....

Being whisked off to surgery.

Right after surgery. They came in and told us to meet them at the elevator. We ran down and they told me to hop on the bed with him. He was totally awake and not crying. Coughing a ton. Let me just insert here that Benj and I are huge and had a lot of crap, so when I say "run" and "hop" I am kind of joking. We got him to FINALLY eat a popsicle. I didn't get a picture of it (??), but they had a quilt, a teddy bear, a puzzle, and a pumpkin balloon waiting on his bed for him. It was cute. He got feeling a little better and was playing.

I didn't realize AFH had a pediatric unit complete with playroom. He just about died. You would have never thought he'd had surgery, he was a playin fool! He was running up and down the halls, riding bikes, pushing wagons.... so much fun! The fun lady brought in toys, bubbles, coloring books, etc etc etc. Plus everyone that visited brought something - he got more for getting his freaking tonsils out than he got for his birthday. And probably more than he's getting for Christmas.
Love this pic - notice the tippy toes. We were so nervous (when I say "we" I mean "I") about his IV ripping out. He was literally running and sliding and it was twisted in the bike and yada yada.
Waiting....  not drinking much..... The Lortab was awesome. The pumpkin balloon he got, he'd slowly rub on his face and gaze off staring at nothing... We watched Dora Halloween edition 9 thousand times. I told the nurse to bring me ativan in an IV or get a different movie.

I love this!
Visitors! All 3 grandmas and both grandpas, Uncle D, Aunt Em and Owie and Anna and a therapy dog! So dang fun!

BAM! Fever of 104. Ice packs. Cold towels. Lethargy. Sad baby = scared parents.

He hardly ever let go of a car, even since he's been home.

Had to get x-rays to rule out an infection in his lungs from the surgery. He was so brave, but so sad. They came back normal. The doc came in after the x-rays and told us he has never seen this high of a fever post-op from a T&A. Crazy. Still don't know why. They pushed IV fluids and Antibiotics.
Starting to feel better. Gotta eat/drink to go home! He's really REALLY taken advantage of the drink-whatever-the-hell-you-want-as-long-as-you-are-drinking-so-we-can-go thing. Dr. Pepper only, with pops of choc milk and a popsicle.
{Let me just insert here: Mom is going thru a serious mental crisis including changing anti-psychotic medications. Crying, laughing, sleeping, wide awake, pissed, happy, crying, giggling, staring off, depressed. Both mom and dad not really sleeping. Mom on a "cot" that literally could have broken at any point in time, dad squshed into Max's hospital bed. Just sayin.}
FINALLY - we get to go home! Nice Nurse let him ride down in a wagon, all the way to the car!
I couldn't get a good pic, but this bottom one - he saw a tractor (it had, afterall, been 3 days since he'd seen one) and just about lost his mind. Almost flew out of the wagon, soooooooo excited!

Nothing but whining and more whining since we've been home. I was prepared for that, but not for the long hospital stay. A pleasant surpise = he's been sleeping pretty well. Not even waking up for meds.
Soooo... it was kind of crazy. Glad I have family and good co-workers to help. Between crazy being back (and yes, she is STILL HERE and NOT GOOD) and this, I have missed so much work. Yay for FMLA!! and YAY for deductibles and out-of-pocket max's being met! Whew.
It all hit me Thursday night.... I had been being pretty brave and strong until we got home and settled. Now I'm not doing so great....But Max is on the mend, and Benj is still here, so that is good! I'm waiting for Benj to snap any minute now. Between me and Max, poor guy.  We are all kind of just hanging on until all this craziness passes.
Back to square one = glad the tonsils and adenoids are out! Doc said they were huge and his mouth was tiny. Hopefully in a few weeks here things will get better and we will have a happy boy again! It was scary to have him in the hospital and have unexpected things happen. It is hard to see your kid in pain and sick. Way hard. I hated/hate it.
Also, I'm pissed of about the borders around the pictures and just looking briefly I can't find a way to remove them. Just so you know, I know it's annoying.
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