Max's Bucket List!

To GO:
Go to Seven Peaks
Go to California
Go to a Utes game!
Go to the movies
Go to Lagoon
Go camping (in a tent)
Go bowling
Go to Yellowstone
Museum (Discovery @ Gateway, want to go again!)
Go fishing
Go on a cruise
Go to a splashpark
Story time at library
Go to drive in movie
Go to a pro sports game
Play hide and seek
Go on a hayride
Go boating
Go on a motorcycle 
Go on a 4-wheeler
Feed farm animals
Ride horse
Ride bike (he won't use pedals yet, still scoots)
Hop over waves in ocean
Pick up seashells
Splash in mud puddles
Make a snowman
Play in the leaves
Climb a tree
Play in fresh snow
Pick fruit off a tree
Play in the rain
See a rainbow
Make a snow fort
Have a snowball fight
Play with water balloons
Pick a pumpkin
Play in the dirt
See a falling star
Go really high on a swing
Sidewalk chalk
Play with bubbles
See a deer in the wild
See wild turkeys
Learn to swim
Hold a worm
Scavenger hunt
Go down a slide backwards
Fly a kite
Play football
Have a running race
Play soccer
Bake cookies
Make gak or slime
Play Red Rover
Finger paint in a bag
Play with shaving cream
MASTER the iPad
Play with play dough 
Jump on a trampoline
Help mom cook dinner
Choc pudding body paint
Play with stickers
Make a cardboard box house/car
Play with glowsticks in the bath
Play with colored ice in the bath
Build a fort in the living room
Play "I Spy"
Have a puppet show
Color on a whiteboard
Color on a chalkboard
Build a tower of blocks and knock it down
Play drums on moms pots and pans
Try rock climbing (indoor)
Play a piano

Learn “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider”, “The Wheels on the Bus”, and “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.
Learn some words in sign language
Learn a song and sing it
Learn to write my name
Learn my colors
Watch General Conference
Learn to write the ABC's
Say a prayer
Count to 5

Eat steak
Eat popcorn at the movies
Eat from a chocolate fountain
Chew gum
Eat a slushee in the summer
Decorate cookies or cupcakes
Make and ice slushee in the winter with snow
Eat broccoli and green beans and like it
Eat dessert for dinner

Carve a pumpkin
Sit on Santa'a lap
Stay up all night (BOOOOOO!!!!)
Get my face painted
Decorate a Christmas tree
Doorbell ditch someone
Feed a horse
Go trick-or-treating
Write Santa a letter
Have a sleepover
Take a bubble bath

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