Saturday, February 26, 2011

a few legal opinions

  1. DUI attorneys. WTH. There are attorneys who specialize in getting people out of DUI charges? Such bull-freaking-crap! If you were 'driving under influence' then you were 'driving under influence'. Period. I don't give a shit what the 'circumstance' was. It is your fault, your responsilbility, own up to it.
  2. Loitering (which, BTW, is a funny word). This is a crime? Loitering? Maybe we should concentrate on the "Hey, quit murdering people," or the "Hey, quit raping children," instead of "Hey, quit standing there doing nothing,". I'm just sayin.
  3. You know how it is against the law to open someone elses mail? Benj is pretty sure that goes for opening my mail too. He absolutely refuses. Life threatening emergency, won't do it. He's ok with pirating music, games and movies though... .

Friday, February 25, 2011

no, it's not leukemia....

This doesn't do justice to how out of control his hair was before we cut it tonight.
It was high time.
He has 900, really, 900, callicks + FLUFF



and after...

The striped P.J's really add to the 'just released from Primary Children's Hospital with stage 2 cancer' look.
 {I am NOT making fun of cancer there...}
Good thing it grows fast. He is still cute, right?!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Been to the psych hospital twice, therapy for years, consistently for one year, tried any and every med and meds combination there is.... Nothing seems to be helping. Long term at least. So, now what? Pretty much running out of options. And energy. And motivation.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yeah, well while you are thinking about that........
Max is a nugget pooper. 95% of his poops are like 15 little nuggets.
I kid you not, the last 4 times I have changed his poopy butt, one thing has lead to another and nuggets end up all over the damn room. It's going to piss me off when I find a lost nugget in a few days because something stinks. Flippin flipper. Gah!


Anyone have any ideas/topics for me to blog about? Anyone? Buhler?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

drivel, nonsense, prattle, rubbish, twaddle

Once again, I've built stuff up and here it comes:

  • First of all, these first 2 aren't nonsense. Today marks the 12th (I think, I am pretty sure) anniversary of my cousin Terris' death. We all love and miss her. I'll never forget that Valentines day in 1999, saying goodbye. RIP!
  • Sometimes I feel like Satan is literally choking me. Standing behind me, breathing down my neck. I want to move, to run, but I can't. Hate.
Now, the nonsense:
  • Regarding Facebook: WHY do people write all screwy? (i HaD tHe bEsT dAy! or I Had The Best Day! My Baby Boy Turned 3 Today And I Am Capitalizing All Of My Words!) I halfway want to hide those people because it irritates me to read thier posts. Also, the phrase "bestie" referring to a "best friend". It looks like "beastie" -slash- it is just an ugly word.
  • This is freaking funny:
  • I forgot to mention on Max's update: he is into animal sounds. He will do dog, cat, horse, chick, and lamb. And a train. AND, he pretty much always has a matchbox car in his hand. Here he is half asleep with a car in his hand.
  • I hate when people think they know what they are talking about and they don't. You know????
  • I love that Max crosses his feet when he is having a bottle.
  • I wonder how many times some perv googles something and it brings up a post on my blog where I said something, ahem, inappropriate, or whatever. Kind of creepy to think about.
  • Valentines: It was a good day. I got to work late and left early and really didn't do a damn thing, so that was nice. Benj picked me up from work and we went to Outback. It was yummy. I let him eat my steak. He got a stawberry redbull conconction, and if I didn't know any better, I'd have guessed there was alcohol in it because he was pretty buzzed. He was in a good mood, anyway. He got me a super pretty necklace (which he gave to me the night before because I was cry-ie):

that be bought by donating plasma (smart & sweet, eh?) I've always wanted a non-cheesy heart necklace, and I think he did a pretty darn good job at picking it out. Love the black diamonds! I gave him some sort of iPod techie thing that he liked, gave Max some hot wheels cars and put him to sleep, then we enjoyed some peaches, etc, etc, etc........
  • Max has ringworm:
  • I saw a van in Provo with curtains in it. RED FLAG.
  • You know NieNie's blog? Does that font freaking drive anyone else crazy!??! I am not reading it anymore until she changes it. Can't do it.
  • I really REALLY need my hair cut and colored.
  • The other day Max hit his head on our headboard and I laughed at him (don't judge me), so now he thinks it is freaking funny and does it all the time: 

  • I have more videos but it takes 3 years to upload one and quite frankly, I just want to go to sleep. And my feet are hot, which is making me cranky.

Max's birthday cake was so cute, but more importantly, did it taste good? I am thinking of ordering a cake from that bakery, so I am just curious.

You know, I didn't even taste it! It was moist, I know that. Most of thier bakery stuff is goood, so I bet it is.

Ask me anything, I double dog dare you. Bring it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

wallpaper app crazy

So I have been kind of going crazy with wallpaper apps on my phone. I just flip through them all night long and find funny/good/amusing ones. Here are some:

 This is for Em


so cute!

I loved this - had to type it up and post it. I'm such a romantic!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Max update

  • He took his first 3 steps on Saturday (Feb 5th). He will stand alone sometimes, then realize he is doing it and sit down.
  • He likes to point or pick things up and say "this".
  • He's switched to normal milk now.
  • He came up with what a dog says. He puts his chin down and furrows his brow and says "ruff ruff".
  • He blows and gives kisses a lot.
  • He likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. No, really.
  • He sweats like a 300 lb man doing cardio while he sleeps (he just woke up in the movie below, notice the wet hair).
  • He loves dancing to any sort of beat. Loves.
  • He laughs like crazy when you chase him (or he thinks you might be chasing him, or he wants you to chase him, or he thinks about you chasing him).

This is his whole life right now. He will follow you around with a book and hand it to you to read it to him.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

this & that & whatever

I get it. Volume is needed. It can change the shape of your face. It's cute from the front. But there is a fine line ladies, a fine line. Be careful. Always check your side view & easy on the Bumpits.

Benj and I have really nothing in common, but we do like to watch TV series together. Prison Break is our latest and it is a-maze-ing. Love. Just started season 2. Wentworth isn't hard to look at either, ya know.

I found this the other day as I was picking up after Max. No arms = semi creepy. Time to put my angel collection somewhere else (or watch him closer....).

I've noticed this mostly at work - but it drives me flipping nuts when you pull up the internet and this big page comes up practically begging you to change your default browser to internet explorer. The average person cannot figure out how to get the hell off of that page and on to what they are trying to do on the internet. I couldn't find a snapshot of the page because it is long gone on my computer, and this won't be amusing to you if you haven't seen it. But man, it is irritating. This doesn't do justice to how annoying it is.

Just got back from the Jazz game with my friend Mandi and her hubby. A few thoughts: Apparently, there is now a midget mascot. My first thought? How disturbing would it be to have a midget dressed as a bear hiding in your heating vents? Then, I was in the bathroom peeing and I look up and someone is staring at me through the crevice in the stall. How's that for awkward???? I don't understand how coaches can wear full on suits to every game. Does anyone realize how hot it is?? The players 3 feet away from them are sweating like dogs. I bet they sweat so bad they ruin shirts and can only wear them once. Which is fine because they can pay for it, but no wonder none of them are ever smiling or pleasant. They are freaking cooking. And finally, are there any attractive males from Ukraine? At all?

If you were ever going to kill someone with long hair, it would be cool to choke them with thier own hair, I think. I mean that in the most non-violent, non wierdo way possible.

Last scene in Grease. Pretty sure Rizzo announces that it was a 'false alarm' and she isn't preg. Pretty sure you should not wear light colored crotch length shorts on day one of your period Riz. Sicko.

I have always wished that they could do an autopsy on me and somehow I don't die or whatever. I'd like to see the results. Enlarged heart, damaged liver, atrophy, brain abnormality, etc. Just a thought. Wouldn't that be cool?

My cute boy hangin out with mom today :)