Thursday, January 26, 2012

painting project!

I've said it before, and I will keep saying it....... I love Pinterest! We did finger painting tonight (he ended up with a paintbrush and Q-tips too....) and loved it!

I told him we were going to color so he went and got these and a piece of paper and sat down at the table - which is cute of him.

 I didn't have paint or really any "cooking" ingredients to make paints, so I just did flour and water and food coloring (and let him help mix it). I was actually surprised I had flour. I've used it once since we got married. Yep, I'm cool like that. He was freaking thrilled with the changing of color when we added the food coloring!

He didn't want it on his hands!

From Pinterest: press paper down on the finished product - then let dry! Here are the masterpieces, drying!

They call me.... shredder

I know, this is freaking disgusting. I debated if I should post it, but you have to see this in order to understnad the next picture.

Soooo..... clearly, I have a problem with dry feet. An extreme problem. This is a few months ago, after a shower, with one of those razor tools the Veitnamese use in the nail places.

Since I was a baby, I rub my feet together to go to sleep. Really, whenever I am tired (at work sometimes....). So this is my bed. My freaking foot got caught in a hole in the sheet the other night. Soo, after much deliberation, and some denial, Benj and I came to the conclusion that the combination of me rubbing my sandpaper/wire-brush feet together vigorously every night and crappy quality sheets = hole in the sheet.

Pretty intense.

(note: I can control it with the Ped-Egg +  cream from the dermatologist, I just don't sometimes. I know there are thousands of remedies out there - I get "suggestions" all the time.)

Anyhow, Benj has started calling me Shredder.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Max!!

His actual birthday is tomorrow (Jan 22nd) but we had a little shin-dig tonight with the fam. Can you tell what it is he is into lately....?


Cars tent from lovely Liz & kids. He took all his stuff and sat in there :)

Classy framed Buzz for Max's room from Em

New "diaper" bag....

Scooter! He actually knows how to do it!

(not pictured: Balloons, Buzz helmet for scooter + probably more things I am forgetting. He was spoiled!)

Watchin a show with his new buddies....

Isn't that precious??

Happy birthday little guy!!

I quit.

No more Bachelor blogging. At least this season. It is nauseating -slash- I get too stressed about finding time to do it. Good luck to Ben.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Bachelor: Week 1

Sooo, yes I am going to blog it again. I bitched all through last season, and to my dismay, it is even more ridiculous, based on the first episode, than last year. And here. We. Go.

  • Starts off with a flashback from the humiliating finale last year.
  • Man I DID NOT miss his sweaty bald spotted flappy hair.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the phrase "Good things don't end unless they end badly" is stupid. My marriage ceremony ended and it was good. The hot dog I just ate was good, and it is over. Idiot.
  • Don't sail in a peach tank top.
  • I cannot believe they chose him.
  • What should I have for lunch tomorrow? I'm already boredish.
  • Squatting in the orchard sifting dirt through your hand?? Really? Tractor?
  • Most promos they do on new Bachelors are them pumping iron and running on the beach. Nope, not Ben. Sailing and manual labor at the winery for him.
  • Fly aways. Get him some pomade. Good helllll.
  • Does he even have a home? He has been walking around in the orchard the whole show so far.
  • OOooh snap. He plays the piano too.
  • V-neck.
  • Don't kayak.
  • Did someone just say "lesbian cream pie"????? What!
  • ****commercial The Vow looks soooo good. Channing Tatum. Mmmmm. Wasn't there a Sandra Bullock movie with the exact same plot??
  • I'll say this once: the grandma stunt is a horrible staged desperate move by the producers. Hate. Not even funny.
  • Horse girl is cute.
  • Dumpsville - population YOU? I can't believe I just saw/heard that.
  • Cow balls. She is a critical care nurse. Cow balls. Fried.
  • Oh please don't make a heart with your hands.
  • Of course model girl "isn't worried". They never are. Nor should they be. Hiya.
  • Cue the curtain open: "Hi! I'm Jamie!" That wasn't cheeeeese at all.
  • Just caught myself looking out my window.
  • Semi-impressed with adopt you siblings RN girl.
  • London + wardrobe changes + corny sayings = NEXT please.
  • Oh, this is good. Over analyst blogger girl. That isn't a set her up to fail plan AT ALL......
  • Holy shit.
  • Ok, I'm no doctor, and I've only just met this girl, but I'm saying Xanax + inpatient therapy and come back in two years lady...
  • Don't make a PBJ in an apron.
  • That could turn into Emily/Brad pretttty quick. Leave kids out of it.
  • Don't sit on a steer.
  • Nicki - cute.
  • Again, did I just  hear "share a tampon"? No, I must have misunderstood.
  • ****commercial I cannot look at the Asian girl on Greys Anatomy. She is so weird looking. Creepy. **shudder**
  • Mom - you said they kind of fixed his hair this season. No, I'm afraid they did not.
  • Stare at a hummingbird Ben. That is cool. You homo.
  • Why the hell are the sidewalks always wet at that mansion? Annyoing to drag your dress through freaking water.
  • Chris H has a really square head.
  • So I understand Ben's dad died. Why don't we keep talking about it every 3 minutes for half of last season and half of this episode. Ok?
  • He just went cross eyed.
  • Oh man, he just turned that sentance into a gay one by changing his tone to a gay voice. Woah.
  • That, actually would make sense....
  • That would be a good turn of events one season. Maybe this one.
  • LOL, the hummingbird is his dad - or whatever.
  • First car of girls pull up = sounds like hens gaggling.
  • Verdict comment by law student girl was lame.
  • "That's funny." He says, with no emotion or smile.
  • The Baconator? Not a turn on sweetie.
  • Candadian Bacon?? Isn't that ham, anyway?
  • She has big boobs.
  • Woah this one looks pregnant.
  • Jenna = awkward.
  • Like really awkward.
  • More hens.
  • Model girl reminds me a lot of someone I used to work with.....
  • Don't play with his stupid hair.
  • Quit playing with your own hair. This isn't a photo shoot.
  • "She's pretty" he says. I'm no supermodel, but she isn't that gorgeous to me.
  • Sash girl - Miss what? What is she? I missed that.
  • See thru black legs dress is no bueno.
  • What the HAT?? Derby?
  • This is getting super desperate.
  • And here we have anorexia manifested in real life. I missed her name, I was too busy watching her arm to make sure it didn't BREAK IN HALF.
  • Grandma situation: Ok, I didn't see that coming.
  • That girl just said: "Sash + HAT + grandma" Funny
  • Ben: "The caliber is unreal." Caliber of what, those girls? Are we talking about the same thing?
  • What time do I work tomorrow?
  • There aren't many cute redheads. Annnnd, still, there aren't many cute redheads.
  • 54 dresses?
  • London = Cheese. Swiss + Provolone + Bleu + Cheddar freaking cheese. She could be cute if she'd change her personality completely.
  • What the walk-by girl?
  • Did Utah just say "oh hell" when she got out of limo?
  • Don't have a lime green mermaid dress with ashy blonde hair.
  • He likes a slug on the arm. LOL.
  • "Do you know how many there are supposed to be?" Didn't they brief you sweetie? Have you ever seen the show?
  • Oh good. Ben has "never dismounted anyone".
  • Good thing she is cute. That could have been really really stupid.
  • Gorgeous. Amazing. Handsome. Tall. Great body. Beautiful. Sexy. Great hair. Are we talking about Ben? Who??
  • London just did a coyote call when Ben walked in.
  • I like Rachel. Quit her job about it though?
  • Nicki is overly excited here. Maybe a little tipsy??
  • Oh. Bubbly. Bubbly = Ashley = Ben's type, evidently.
  • "Hooves", he says.
  • In the promo she said she's been riding since before she could walk. Now she says 6 years old. Umm, was she a non-walking 6 year old or is she exaggerating?
  • This one has interrupted him twice.
  • I am an interrupter. I'm working on it. Like really, in therapy, I am actively working on it. I'm supposed to get a notebook and when I'm having conversations write things down I want to say and wait for the person to finish talking. Good when in a meeting at work or talking seriously to Benj.
  • Grandma again: She could have gone home after the limo stunt. No need to stay and chat.
  • "I know more about you than you do". That isn't freaking creepy at all.....
  • Does the granddaughter talk?
  • "She has a heart" grandma says - LOL
  • Family impression. She wants to make a family impression. Ok, again, the grandma getting out of the limo thing was good enough, now send granny home.
  • Oh man, I love this trash!!
  • There is some plastic & botox up in here!!!!
  • And the drinking ensues.
  • Rap = kinda cute. With a side of cheese.
  • Ok. I'll say it. His personality is developing a little.
  • Model: "I'm at the point in my life where, I'm a model". Genius.
  • Jenna is either drunk and/or needs an Ativan.
  • Did a lesbian activity just happen?
  • Not surprising that the producers dropped that. I'm actually surprised it didn't happen sooner.
  • I'm also surprised they haven't had a black Bachelor/ette.
  • "You're in my life forever....Beautiful....Amazing....Need your #..... If you are the only thing that comes out of this...." holy hell.
  • Jenna is hyperventilating. How do you maintain sanity, she asks?
  • I know it's been said, but is it a staged move to have all the crazies come from Utah? It is the Last Days, for sure.
  • Don't say "No tears". He just full on watched you crying you idiot.
  • WTH is she even saying to him? What...?
  • Wowza - she is a freaking train wreck.
  • Is she throwing up?
  • I like the first impression rose girl (horse girl).
  • Hey Lindsay's parents: Don't spell Lindsay LINDZI next time around. It's stupid.
  • Cow balls girl looks like the hairdresser on Legally Blonde:

  • Model is a bit of a scrunch face.
  • At this point in the show, Jenna looks like a meth addict.
  • Woah, sweet little nurse showing some underboob.
  • Why is the lesbian clapping?
  • "You're a good hugger" "Get used to it" That was cute.
  • London = huge head. In addition to her annoyingness.
  • Woah nelly, Adams Apple on the back row!
  • Aw man, the redhead.
  • Jenna, for the love. It has been a rough show and you don't have many fans. DO NOT pout your lip like that. It isn't making it any easier to like you. Plus, you look like a troll. On meth.
  • Adams apple got a rose. I could see that turning into a transvestite situation here shortly.
  • That girl on the front row is so botoxed she can't even close her mouth. Ironically, I think it is Hat girl.
  • Jenna gets a pity rose. P.I.T.Y.
  • London feels like an absolute failure. It was one night. A little dramatic?
  • Cow balls just wheeled her hands in circles for a good 30 seconds.
  • Well kids, there has been lots of F-words tonight. The sweet little ladies.
  • This promo  for next week is a little over the top with drama and emotions. Almost turn-me-off instead of wanting to watch. Good one, producers.
  • "I want to verbally assult her". That is actually a freaking good line.
  • I am looking at my notes paper and I had written "love blonde bangs girl" and my mind immediately went to the gutter.
  • Anyway, I do like the girl who is blonde and has bangs. A lot. Classy.
  • Again, the 'scenes from next week' cut is really, um, theatrical.
  • Annnnd they kind of completely give away the finale....? Or is it just me?
  • Is the finale in the mountains?
  • Whew. It's over.