Sunday, January 31, 2010

Delivery part 2 - Max is home - Lots of pictures! Videos!

Well I forgot one key part of the delivery - the aftermath. So Max had come out and they took him to do whatever they do and Dr Allen started the 'massage' of the uterus to deliver the placenta. Not real comfortable. They brought Max over for a second and I started to get nauseated and handed him back to the nurse. I then began projectile puking. They give you a big condom looking thing with a 2 inch diameter to puke in, so naturally I missed most of the time. I threw up a good 7 times, filled a few of those things. The others hit the nurse, one splashed in my face, one ran down my back, one in my hair. It was out of control. I hadn't even eaten, I don't even know what the hell was coming up. Anyway, with one of the throw up thrusts, my placenta came flying out and hit Dr Allen, somehwere near his face. He had blood all over, it was pretty sick. Anyway, I forgot that part.

So Max is home! After a long 9 days in NICU, he's finally home. Of course, the first thing that happens is Benj took him and layed him on his chest and they are napping. Benj is such a hog! I am frantic, wondering if he is breathing, so I had to get out of there, so here I am.

Here are the rest of the NICU pictures and some videos, and him getting ready to come home this morning in his carseat. They aren't in chronological order, which is really annoying, but I am not going to drag them around. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Delivery

Max David Barnhurst
January 22, 2010 7:37 am
8lbs, 18.5 inches

Well I thought I better share the 'birth' story before I forget the details! The last few days has been nothing but a huge blur! So last Thursday, I had my regular appointment for a NST and with the Dr. I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia earlier that week, so they were watching my BP close. On the NST I was having regular contractions (I couldn't feel them). I also had quite a headache, so he decided to check me again and I was dilated to a 3! (was a zero 2 days earlier) He pretty much said we can continue to plan on induction Monday, or we would even start you tonight because of BP, dilation, contractions, size of baby. I thought I'd go home and rest and see if the headache got better, and about 2 hours later I was feeling the regular contractions and still having headache, so I called Dr Allen and he told me to head to hospital. Benj was at work, so I packed my things and waited for him. Of course in the meantime I am bawling; emotional and scared. Anyway, they started the pitocin around 5 and I didn't dilate much for probably 8 hours or so. I got the epidural before I started really feeling anything, so that was great. Seriously, the IV stick, the cervix checks, the put the monitor on the baby's head all hurt MUCH worse than the epidural. Hell, the catheter sucked too. The whole labor I felt like I had to pee and couldn't. Evidently it was just normal irritation from the catheter. After the epidural got in, Dr Allen broke my water and put internal monitors on the baby. Seriously the water breaking felt cool. It felt like I just sat there and peed myself for like 4 hours. He also started Magnesium Sulfate to avoid seizures due to my blood pressure being high. That pretty much knocked me out and I slept through most the rest of the night. Dr Allen woke me, Benj, and Kellie up about 6:30am saying I was a 10 and ready to push. I was all disoriented and weak from the Mag, trying to wake myself up. The first 2 or 3 sequences of pushing were useless, I had no idea what I was doing. I asked for a mirror so I could see what was going on and where to push. Yeah, I took one look at that and I was done. Anyway, after a few pushes I got the hang of it and actually did really well. I didn't realize you do 3 10 second pushes per contraction until the freaking baby comes out. I pushed for about an hour and a half (which is pretty good for a first timer with an epidural = average is 3 hours per Dr Allen). But really, especially for a fat person, that is hard work. Like aerobics, and I don't do aerobics. By the last few pushes I kept saying I could not do one more, really, I was going to die. Of course Benj was upbeat and trying to be funny the whole time and I remember just yelling at him half the time. He really did great though. Before delivery he was so pissed off about holding my leg for some reason and when it came time he was the only one there so he had to, haha. He did great thgough and got really into it. Kellie held the other and Tam and my mom watched from the side. Tam videotaped I think. Anyway, toward the end, Dr Allen says he is going to need to cut a little for his head to come out. Huge head. So he did, and I ended up tearing also. Anyway, that is pretty much the jist of it. The Magnesium really jacked me up and I was pretty out of it for a day or so. Max was having apnea problems at first so they took him to be watched. After a bit they brought him to my room and Benj tried to feed him a little and he started turning blue, so they took him back to the NICU. He's been there since. He has episodes where his heart rate drops to like the 30's and his oxygen then drops. They don't really know exactly what the problem is. They did start him on a reflux medicine and he seems to be doing better yesterday and today, but he still can't go without oxygen. Anyway, Benj and I have pretty much alternated being at hospital and sleeping for the last 5 days. Thats about all. Just waiting for Max to get better. Benj went back to work today, so of course I have been an emotional mess. Benj has been great, I couldn't have done it without him! Literally!

The whole 'binding your boobs' thing freaking sucks. I seriously think I might have a broken rib about it.

Just FYI, if for whatever reason you are not going to breast feed, be prepared for rude remarks and reactions to it. I'm not kidding, almost every nurse and Dr mentioned something about it. I don't think anyone should judge it unless they know the reasons. Even then, depending who they are, they should keep thier mouth shut. I spent a good day and a half crying and feeling horribly guilty about it. Still kind of do, but anyway, prepare yourself, it is annoying. We'll keep everyone updated on Max. Thanks for everyone's support!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quick Update

Well Max had a little trouble breathing when he was born and has been in NICU since. They are thinking possible brain swelling from birth trauma (told you he had a huge head!). It doesn't seem to be getting much better or worse really, they are just running tests and scans, etc. He does great other than that though! He's a great eater and burper and pooper! He doesn't cry much, just whipmers. He likes to be cuddled up and have his hair played with. He totally has blue blue eyes right now that are beautiful, but will probably change to brown, which is ok too. Anyway, Benj and I are doing well, just exhausted. Max will probably come home today or tomorrow with oxygen - and then Benj is off to work Thursday again! :( We'll keep everyone posted!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome Max!

I don't have a lot of time -slash- it sucks to sit on 85 stitches right now, so I am just going to post some pictures and tell the story later.... isn't he cute? Really. He was born 01-22-10 at 7:37 am, 8 lbs 18.5 inches delivered by lovely Dr Allen!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update + General Patton

Well, the ultrasound Monday didn't go as planned. He is still in the 88th%. He did gain 7 oz though, which is good that he is still growing. Really, his head and tummy grew quite a bit, it is those damn short Barnhurst legs bringing his average down! (Benj {and most men in his fam} have freakishly long torso and short legs, nice legs, but short). His head is so big they even took a measurement of his cheeks.... it is almost starting to freak me out that something might be wrongo with it.... So anyway, the NST went well, he preformed like a champ this week and held still. But I go to see the Dr and my BP was elevated enough that he sent me right to the hospital to do pre-eclampsia labs and a 24 hour urine. I was there for a good 2 hours, and the initial labs came back ok. BP was still elevated, but not alarming, so they sent to home to be on bedrest for the night while I do the urine test. Well don't worry, I filled up the one container they gave me in about 7 hours and had to go back to L&D to get 2 more in the middle of the night. Sucked. Benj had taken his sedative sleeping pill and was dead to the world, bless his heart. Anyway, I had to drop it off yesterday at about 4 and do more monitoring while they ran the test. I was there for seriously like 4 hours. Note to self: BRING MY OWN PILLOW NEXT TIME. Those beds are so flipping uncomfortable! Don't! I had a pretty bad headache and was dizzy, so they wanted to monitor that. My urine ended up coming back elevated as well, so the on-call Dr said you do have pre-eccampsia and need to be on bedrest and to follow up Thursday at the office. Between that and you measuring so big, we will need to induce you next week. I haven't talked to Dr Allen yet, but I hope that is the case. I can't believe they finally tell me I have to stay in bed and I am up at like 7 today. I really hope he is born on an even day, I hate odd numbers.
Sorry, this is kind of a boring post for most people - this is pretty much all that is going on in my life right now!
I will post this quick video that has nothing to do with any baby stuff but is really cool. It is General Pattons speech in WWII. We need more Generals like him today and we wouldn't be in the mess we are in.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baby Shower, Nursery + Pumpkin Bullcrap

So today my mom and sister came over and roughed my messy house to help me get things cleaned and set up. Here are some of the nursery pictures (bad lighting!!). I will prob add/rearrange a few things, but I think it turned out great! Thanks Mom and Em! (Owen helped too) Also had a shower today - got a ton of sweet loot!

This picture was the 'inspiration' for the room. I remember being newly prego and Benj flat out insisting that the nursery - boy or girl - remain U of U. I cried for days.

(still working on knobs.../ bad lighting)

Sorry about glare - this is trying to add to the 'vintage' flare...

Cute crib!

Awesome bedding my talented mom made for crib.... isn't it cute?! She also made some little throw pillows and changing mats out of the same fabrics. Plus she has made 1300 receiving blankets that are all super cute!

Cradle all ready by my bed!

Love the carseat! Grandmas Kellie and Tam got us the travel system with carseat and stroller - so cute! I actually wanted to go on a walk about it.....which is saying a lot if you know me at all.

Benj's aunt Michelle is a master seamstress. She made this awesome coat, lined with U of U fabric! Benj wanted one in his size.......

Don't mind my fat swollen freaking paw there....

Cute outfit from Aunt Robin!

Also got a ton of cute blankets and clothes, a big box of diapers and wipes, a cool diaper cake with lots of necessities decorating it (bottles, binkis, toys, etc). My mom also made one of those blankets that hook to the carseat that is dang cute - but pending finishing touches. For my shower last week with my friends, I got my changing table pad, diapers, cute outfits, an umbrella stroller, a cute tummy time mat, some bath stuff, a seat cover to put under carseat, lots of cute cute stuff!

This was my Christmas present for me and Max - I am sure we'll spend a lot of time here!

So, the wierd fruit comparison thing isn't really working anymore. The one today says a "Crenshaw Melon" and about 6 pounds. Yeah, in his bra. Last Monday he was estimated at about 7.5 pounds, so he is pretty much at the 40 week estimated 'pumpkin' size..... Induce me now! Holy hell!!! I have an appointment on Monday and will know more then about what is going on, if anything.
Thanks everyone for all the shower gifts and help! Woo-hoo!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Call me crazy, but I seriously like pigeons. Weird because I really hate birds, but pigeons, they are ok.

I probably shouldn't announce this, but my stretch mark got a stretch mark and has been bleeding. WTH!? That is bad.

He's up to the 88th percentile this week (no wonder about the stretch mark...). Dr says once he reaches 90th %, we'll talk induction. Bring it on!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Biggies begat biggies

So the latest is he is estimated weighing 6.8 lbs (@34.5 weeks) which is huge. Looking at induction possibly by the end of this month!!!!!! Woo-hoo! He also has a ton ton ton of long hair, which I am excited about!