Thursday, May 28, 2009


So just a few things that are on my mind:

First, Kate Gosselin brings up a good point about the pinata. For example, we plan a themed birthday party for our sweet 6 year old with, say, Dora the Explorer. Everything is going great, and then all of the sudden the mom hands one of the kids a bat and tells them to beat the shit out of Dora and eat her insides. Weird.

Next, I haven't had a satisfying yawn in about 1.5 years. Not sure why. It is really quite frustrating.

I am not ok with the Charmin TP commercials indicating that some people might 'leave behind' some 'particles' of TP when they poo. To make things worse, I asked around people at work and they thought it was fairly normal. WTH!???

Does anyone ever use the 'laser' setting on a bottle of Windex? Seriously, what would it be used for? A water gun, maybe. You could get a direct hit in the oponents eye or something, but Windex? Why?

The phrase 'beeline' doesn't make sense. To me, a 'beeline' would be all skawampus and squiggly, not straight like the phrase signifies. I think maybe like 'penciline' or 'rulerline' would be more appropriate.

Does anyone else seriously absolutely hate hate hate walking through movie rows? Especially when you are a biggie, it is really awkward. You always end up knocking something over or stepping on something. Side-scooting, in any situation, is not enjoyable.

So Benj took the plunge and got contacts about a month or so ago. I thouroghly and fully enjoy that he can now sympathize with the dust from 4-wheeling, the tired eyes at night, the glasses, etc. So he says to me last night, "I realized I can't wear my contacts while I play Xbox. I don't blink." Nerd. Next thing, he finds a box with bubble wrap in it and got seriously Christmas excited and sat and played with it for a good 3 minutes. He is such a little boy at heart!! Love him!

Also, I like the word "snarky".

Thanks for listening.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


That's just rude!

I'd have thought 20..... but who am I?

No...? Really?


Good Luck on that boys!!

We vote em in...!

Date Day

So last week was the week from hell. We had 3 girls off and 2 hit-and-miss-ers left, leaving me to do 3 jobs, plus mine, pick up some slack, and I am also on the implementation team for transitioning to EMR and was in training. To top that off, I forgot to take some 'key' meds for 4 days in a row. It sucked. Anyway, I decided to take Tuesday off and just chill. Benj and I went to 5-mile 4 wheeling, then looked at some houses, then went to a movie. It was awesome. We are really into CSI right now, and with 5-mile's reputation, I thought for sure we'd find a dead body (we didn't, thank goodness!). I seriously was really into this 'day-dream' that we'd find a body, CSI would come (does Utah even have any CSI??) and it'd be this big investigation and we'd be suspects, on and on. I almost drove off the trail once or twice about it. There was a thunder storm and we were muddy and sopping wet, but super fun (more fun for me, Benj was freezing!!). Benj got me to go off some big hills, we found a ATV flag with a big hand flipping the bird - great fun. On the way back to the truck, a dust storm kicked up and it was freaking crazy. We couldn't even see the truck, I couldn't see Benj in front of me! (of course, I had to be in back with the dust in my face.....) Here's some pictures:

I know we look nerdy, but those goggles freaking saved us!!

Can you see the truck in there? Kinda!??

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pet Peeves are updated....


So this is Marie, Benj's grandpas sister. She is aweseome! I wanted to get a shot of her 'fishing' but never got a chance. She likes to pretend to fish. Sometimes you will look over and she will be full on fishing or 'reeling one in'. One time we started throwing sweedish fish at her while she was 'fishing' and she thought she'd died and gone to heaven! After a few, she requested chocolate covered fishes.
So I have been left alone to watch Marie twice. I don't mind, she is the sweetest thing ever. Sometimes, she REALLY wants a soda, and that can get kind of nasty. but other than that, she's great. Anyway, the first time I was alone with her, she went straight into the back room. I figured she was just hanging out or whatever, she thinks that is totally her room, so I left her alone. After about 5 minutes, I heard her grunting a little and so I went in to check on her. I find her naked and halfway into a wet-suit she found in the closet. Need I say more?
Next experience: The family had to leave for an emergency, so we ended up together again. Again, she goes in the back room. I only let about 3 minutes lapse this time, but is was enough. She was naked and getting into some sort of mumu she found in the closet. She thought we were having a sleepover, apparently. I gently coerced her back into her clothes and left her to tie her shoes. She got up and went into the bathroom. Now, I know in the back of my mind she needs help wiping, but this never really crossed my mind when I agreed to stay and watch her. It actually never crossed my mind again until I heard her calling me after a few minutes in the bathroom. Oh hell. I took a deep breath and went in. Wow. Has anyone (besides my friends in the medical field) ever wiped a geriatric woman? I had to keep having her scoot up and over and up again. After a lot of TP and a little prayer, we got it done.
I love Marie! She always has a smile and calls you by name (it may not be your name, but still...). Today we saw her at our family party for mothers day. She thought for sure I was Vicki (Benj's aunt). I was sitting by her and she wanted to hold hands and kept kissing mine. Benj and his brother were play fighting and she started throwing punches herself and giggling. She laughed to herself at least half the time we were there. Meowing and barking randomly. Love her!