Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's been forever!

Holy hell it has been almost 2 months! I have been busy! I have so much to say, but first and foremost - LOOK AT WHAT MY MOM MADE! Max's room is almost done (now for the other 4+ rooms......)

Isn't it the cutest thing ever!? Cuter than the Pinterest one. I love it. She hand-picked each one and came and helped me hang them all. LOVE!

And these cute book shelves/reading nook...!

Sweet storage bins - and the awesome fishtank nightlight from Grandma Tam!

Love love love!!

I've been keeping a small list of things I LOVE about my new house:
  1. Not hitting my hands in the ceiling fan when I am getting dressed or folding clothes (Although I still hestitate. One too many injured fngers....). I also love that it doesn't bobble. In my old house it sounded like someone was steadily hammering all night, but it was either that or sweating like a fat man doing Zumba. I chose hammer.
  2. A DISHWASHER!!!!!! And it is quiet to boot! {Side note: I had no clue what 'rinse aid' was. I did my first batch like 13 times because it wasn't drying....} Sometimes I just stare at it while it is going, partly because I love it and partly because it is so quiet I don't even know it is on.
  3. I love the shelf in the tub in my bathroom. Roomy for all my supplies.
  4. NEW COUCHES! I can actually sit on them and feel comfortable. I have even slept on them! Our old ones the seat was so shallow my cheek didn't even fit. Super awkward.
  5. I have a place for LAUNDRY! An actual room! It used to be in the kitchen..... Sometimes I like to just go in the laundry room and bask.
  6. Not getting hit in the face with swamp cooler water as I walk around. Not only do I not have a swamp cooler - but glorious CENTRAL AIR!! (Wait until I get the first bill, then we can talk about me probably being a pinch less excited about it...)
  7. Functioning blinds! It works wonders for my depression to be able to have sunlight shining in my rooms.
  8. My new cooshy carpet! It feels fantastic on my feet. Sometimes I just pace around (usually because I am searching for something in a damn box somewhere) but I get distracted by the lovely carpet. 2 things: 1. we have a tall bed. Like if I dropped something off of it I used to have to like repel off, Benj holding my feet because it was so far down (as opposed to actually getting out of bed, who has energy for that?). Anyway, I kept thinking somehow our bed shrunk during the move because I could reach things without repelling, but I realized it is because the COOSHY carpet is like 2 inches higher than our yucky apartment carpet. And 2. Max is Mr. Throw up and in the morning there are little spots of throw up all over, like a damn dog. He gets up at night coughing and goes from his room to ours coughing/puking every 7 steps. {Also, another side note, he closes all the doors on the way thru the house too, and the garbage can. While crying/coughing/puking. OCD much??}
  9. I love that I can blog right now without worrying about Max in here because guess who has thier own room! Woo!
I freaking love the Bachelorette this season. She is gorgeous and so NORMAL. No drama, just good, solid TV. I really really really hope it works out for her.

The whole world is on fire. Seriously, it is time. Hope you are all paying your tithing. Between the dump fire and the Herriman one, I thought we'd possibly get evac. We packed a small bag (which was pretty much all my meds, because no matter what, I NEED THOSE. We can deal with whatever else). Our family property down by Indianola was right in the middle of the chaos and for a few days we thought for sure the fire got it. We were able to get our trailer and one 4 wheeler out before the evacuated. Anyway, as of now, it literally burned everything around our camp. Miracle. On 34th Street. My sis-in-law Brandy and her hubby got sealed this week (it was awesome to go thru the temple with them!) but we came out of the temple and I thought we'd been bombed. The Alpine fire was just starting and was super out of control. I know there are 90000 pictures of it all over FB and the news, but here are a few I snapped...
This is from the temple parking lot.

This is from the road by our house in Saratoga.

I know I've said it all over FB, but THANK YOU to all the firefighters and for thier sacrifice. It is a hard job and I am so grateful for them keeping us safe. It is close to my heart because I come from a family of firemen (Dad, T, Uncle Kim and Cousin Jake) + many many friends. I love and support them all and pray for thier safety. My dad has 2 of the Lehi crews out currently on some of this craziness, which is a huge sacrifice for thier families. They are gone 14 days, home for 2-ish and usually called out again, especially with the way things are going. They sleep on the ground, eat on the run, don't shower for days. T has been called to the Indianola one, one in Cedar City area (I didn't even know one was freaking there...) the Herriman one, and I believe the Alpine one. Anyway, I am grateful and thankful for all of them. I pray this shit ends soon! Glad for a rainy day today!!!!

More to come soon. I hope to get in the swing of things again! If we don't all burn to death before then....

Man, I am used to auto-correct on my phone.... sorry for any spelling/grammar errors....