Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Hut + my moms finishing touches :)

My mom has this little hut behind thier garage. It has grape vines covering the top (awesome in the summer when they are green and it's shady!) Here are some pics of all the little finishing touches she adds - as always, makes everything super cute.

 The "front door". The gate is mostly to keep Olivia OUT.

Little old-fashioned wheelbarrow hold the "dishes" for the kids

Fresh flowers!

Vintage toy that I think was my dads when he was little, displayed in the garage window.


Max loves Marnee's!

things inappropriate for facebook, and some other stuff

Have you ever changed your tampon in the car? I totally have. While driving. In a canyon. Yep.

There is no physical way on earth I could join the "mile high club". No way.

I bet I have slept over half my life. There were a few rough years there where I'd sleep 18+ hours a day. I don't know if that is cool or not.

I cannot handle the "too cute" "too funny" "too true" statements. It doesn't even make sense. Something could be "too hot" and it will burn you. "Too cold" and you can't go outside. "Too little" and it won't fit. But "too cute" and.... what? Nope. Stupid. And I think the word "uber" should be saved for the gay/lesbian community.

This new blogger setup is weird.

Isn't he sweet?

 Playing with the bubble maker he got for Easter

 Anna - the cutest thing ever!

Working on geting ready for potty training = reading on the potty.

Max at the park


He freaking loves it. Loves.