Tuesday, August 21, 2012

dinosaurs, mattresses, clippings.

I got thinking about dinosaurs. I've always thought, "when I get to heaven, that is one thing I want explained....it just doesn't make sense." Then, in talking it thru with Benj, you know how our planet was made up from other planets? Maybe the damn dinosaurs were on the other planets and we just got the bones of them scattered randomly on our land. Whatever! It all makes sense now. Intriguing.

I saw a sign the other day for "Mattress Land". They had the guy out on the corner, dressed like a mattress, dancing around (which that could be a whole post in and of itself.....). Then I thought of a place like Osmond Designs. Notice the difference you feel when you say the 2? Mattress Land conjures up a peed on mattress in the alley, Osmond Designs makes me think of high end, polished granite, triple stuffed down comforter, chocolate covered strawberries. Just sayin, if I was looking for a mattress, I might lean toward the triple stuffed, even with the sure price difference. There is a lot in a name (and a presentation).

I'm pretty clean and anal about having things straightened up, etc. But fingernail clippings? Nope. I don't care. I will clip in my bed, on my desk at work, in the car. All over the floor, whatever. Let em fly! Kinda weird. Benj freaking hates it. Well, Benj, I hate that you can kill a spider and leave it smashed into the wall and walk away and never think twice about it.

Thank you.

Max and Anna Banana!


Pillow Fight!!

notice the hand holding :)

They sure love each other! They are so cute together!!

Max a few days ago playing.....

Playing with vinegar and baking soda!